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Suzanne Moore

Senior Account Executive
T: 800.282.7131 Ext 1374

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I’m an industry veteran with 31 years of real estate experience, representing ORHP since 2001. My goal in this industry was always to work for Old Republic because I wanted to work for a consistent, caring company with a genuine desire to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

I was previously a real estate agent in the Temecula area and I still hold an active license, so I know firsthand what you go through in your business and what your clients need. I’m eager to help you build your business by providing your clients with comprehensive home warranty coverage.

I’m originally from Laguna Beach, but after getting married we relocated to Bonsall to raise horses and enjoy the peaceful valley. Many years later, I’m now living in Corona for easy access to all of my territory! When I’m not hard at work, I enjoy gardening, hiking, enjoying nature, and spending time with horses.

Our customers love us!

We don't shy away from the critics. We learn, we grow, and we strive to become the premier provider of home warranty products in the industry. Don't just take our word for it. These reviews are from Trustpilot, an independent review collection company.

I am proud to share ORHP's overall score on Trustpilot according to our customers and the real estate community I serve.


Benefits of a Home Warranty

What's in it for you?

  • An important component of your risk management strategy
  • Decreases the chance of after-sale disputes
  • Helps keep your commission in your pocket
  • Gives your listings a competitive advantage
  • Peace of mind for everyone involved in the transaction
  • Complimentary, innovative, and effective marketing tools
  • Easy online ordering and user-friendly application
  • Responsive, personal service from me, your local Account Executive
  • More referrals from happy clients

What's in it for your clients?

  • Extensive home warranty coverage choices
  • Versatile optional coverage choices to fit their needs
  • Dedicated, caring customer service
  • Budget protection from the high cost of home system/appliance repair or replacement

Why Choose ORHP?

Every home is unique, which is why we offer customizable home warranty plans to meet the specific needs of home sellers and home buyers.

Defining People Helping People

What is People Helping People and what does it mean to you and your clients?

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